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Our Story

Dorothy Kraus married John Herrold in 1941.  They met when John worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and Dorothy worked at what used to be Shirtz Grocery.  They raised their family at 8101 Margaretta Rd.  Dorothy passed away in 1986 and John, lovingly referred to as "Pop", passed away in 2005.  The family home was for sale for a year and a half.  John's daughter, Joan Carter and granddaughter Ruth Carter, decided to go into business together in order to keep the home in the family.  "It would be very hard to see someone else's car in the driveway".  The girls decided to accept consignments of antiques, collectibles and homemade crafts, as a way to fill the store quickly.  The store opened on December 8th 2006, which would have been Pop's 90th birthday.

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